My Approach
I have a simple philosophy, I’ll treat you the way I would like to be treated myself. Whether that means discussing and solving a problem head-on to providing the best service, programs and terms possible. I prefer to think of myself as an advocate for each client and my goal is to provide the Best Results and Best Value possible every time.

My Story
I was fortunate to receive what I call the “Harvard Education” of mortgage lending from a 29 Year Lending Professional. She directed my program from the ground up and exposed me to every facet in the life of a mortgage loan from inception and set-up to closing and servicing and everything that occurs in-between. I continue to learn and expand my horizons 25+ years later from that foundation in both private lending and conventional mortgage banking to specific programs for real estate investors, self-employed borrowers and those experiencing short-term issues such as divorce. As a real estate investor myself, I utilize these programs in my own business as well which gives me a unique perspective in assisting others navigate the lending process successfully.

Meet Mike
I’ve been married to my better half 25+ years and have 2 young men launching their own careers. We have 3 doggies who run the house now and my wife and I enjoy simply being together. She has been in education helping kids reach for the stars and learn to enjoy reading for more than 10 years and is an avid reader herself. I’m waiting for her first book! We enjoy spending time at the beach- any beach, so here’s to putting your toes in the water!
I was born in Houston, but have lived in Austin, Phoenix, Orlando, Colorado Springs and traveled the Great Northwest for a time. I have worked in the mortgage banking industry, owned my own mortgage and financial services brokerage and managed an 8 state territory for a large Fortune 500 lender-both in retail and wholesale origination. I have also fixed and flipped houses and owned rental property and have a few stories to tell as any investor does. I’ve also owned and sold several businesses outside of the mortgage space as well rounding out my personal experience as it relates to owning, operating and funding both personal and business operations. Let my experience work for you.